Best Levels of Mattress Firmness Based on Your Sleeping Position

Not all mattresses are created equal, and no matter how a company might try to sell you on their product’s particular level of firmness, it doesn’t always mean you’ll get a better night’s sleep. You can, however, determine the optimal mattress firmness (rated from one to 10 on a "firmness scale") based on your sleeping position. Read on to learn which mattress can help you get a more comfortable night's sleep.


Soft Mattresses

Those who sleep on their sides would do best to look into soft mattresses, which have a firmness level of one to three. A soft mattress will help cushion your pressure points more efficiently than firmer variants and provide plenty of support for your hips and shoulders. If you’re prone to sleeping your back or stomach, though, there is such a thing as too soft; the sink found in these mattresses can put undue stress on your spine.


Medium Mattresses

Back-sleepers and those who switch positions should gravitate towards medium-firm mattresses (levels four to six on the firmness scale). Medium-firm mattresses can help manage back and neck pain. However, if you have a health condition like sleep apnea or heartburn, you might want to consider a softer, lower-level mattress to help lessen your symptoms.


Firm Mattresses

Stomach and certain sleeping positions on your back may put a little strain on your spine, but a firmer mattress can help with that. Mattresses with a firmness level of seven to 10 are ideal for stomach sleepers since they provide resistance, keeping the torso flush and the spine relatively straight. Completely firm mattresses are rare, and you’ll likely be more comfortable with ones that offer some contour support.


Comfort is a large factor in how well you sleep and how you wake up, so it helps to do your research. If you're still looking for the right mattress for a good night's sleep, Beds Beds Beds Inc. is here to help! We offer up to 75% off the retail price of top mattress brands and have been serving the Jacksonville area since 1974. Contact us to learn more about our inventory.

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